Working In Process


  1. Convert Print to Standard Tolerances.
  2. Receiving Department to Check Material for Grade and Size.
  3. Machine Operator Checks Print to Sample, if Sample is Furnished.
  4. Machine Operator Rechecks Material to Print Before Starting.
  5. Machine Operator Checks and Inspects Each Dimension and Operation on First Part.
  6. Q.C department check first Article before operator run.
  7. Machine Operator Checks and Inspects every 5 to 10 inprocess.
  8. All Dimensions That Are .001 or Less Are Checked on 100% of All Parts. All Other Dimensions, Every Third Piece.
  9. Shop Keeper 2000 Tracking Used to Verify All Operations Complete.
  10. Shipping Department to Inspect All Parts for Burrs, Plating, and General Appearances.


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